Friday, February 3, 2012

Body Efficiency update!

The Body Efficiency course is in full swing at The Ohio State University's Department of Dance. The 5 participating dance majors and minors are learning tons about how the body's musculature functions, and how to keep their bodies working in tip top condition, and how to best use the STOTTPILATES Reformer Machines, BOSUs, Fitness Circles, and weights for dance.
We had a special guest speaker, Ashley Doyle-Lucas, a Nutritionist and former dancer with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, share her research and current information about how to energize and refuel for performance. Additionally, she gave us a Powerpoint Presentation on how to avoid the female triad, a downward spiral that makes our bodies less efficient over time. What was most impactful from her presentation? Dancers must take care of their bodies with quality "food fuel" in order to last over a lifetime.

Cheers to: Eating, Dancing, and Staying Healthy!

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Columbus, Ohio, United States
I am a teacher specializing in Pilates, modern, ballet, and contemporary dance. I am on the go and on a budget, but I also need quality "fuel" for my job and responsibilities. Being gluten intolerant (diagnosed by Doctor), does not make it any easier. My Frugal Gal blog is full of recipes that are tested and have helped me to do what I love. I hope you enjoy them.

Private and group Reformer sessions available

Private and group Reformer sessions available
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