Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fall is over, enter Winter!

At the university I attend, the fall quarter is coming to a close and everyone is rushing to finish last minute loose ends before going on a much needed holiday break. I know I could use one about now! It's been fun, and definitely a ride this term. I think mainly it's been eye-opening in the realm of collegiate politics, and fun teaching great students. While I find the politics amusing and irritating perhaps, I keep reminding myself why I am here. Why I got into this in the first place. I really have a passion for people and I love teaching dance and Pilates.  I also want to finish strong, I want to bring something to the table in my field of research: Black Ballet History and Injury Prevention. I want to make my presence known and for it to leave an impact. I want to move forward with a new and improved ability to teach and learn. And that is what I am on my way to doing.

With that in mind, I am teaching three courses this Winter! Yes, that's right 3 classes-just like a full-time professor. I am teaching large classes of Ballet I, II, and Body Efficiency- a course I single handedly designed specifically for dance majors to improve their knowledge of cross training practices using Pilates and other modalities within a personal training format. Yeah, that's a mouthful! Take a look at the flyer. I hope people enjoy this course!

Who "Elle" is

Columbus, Ohio, United States
I am a teacher specializing in Pilates, modern, ballet, and contemporary dance. I am on the go and on a budget, but I also need quality "fuel" for my job and responsibilities. Being gluten intolerant (diagnosed by Doctor), does not make it any easier. My Frugal Gal blog is full of recipes that are tested and have helped me to do what I love. I hope you enjoy them.

Private and group Reformer sessions available

Private and group Reformer sessions available
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